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  1. Chaat masalais an essential, multipurpose spice mix made out of a combination of dry spices. It is an important ingredient for many Indian snacks or other recipes. Pansari Chaat masala has the perfect flavor and taste to enhance your dishes. Prepared with skill and care, this Chaat Masala has a unique combination and quantity of each spice which brings out an intensely hot, spicy, and pungent taste. The Chaat Masala can be used as a garnish over your snacks or can be enjoyed sprinkled over your refreshment drinks. The Pansari Chaat Masala is purely processed and hygienically packed to give you the best masala blend available in the market.
  2. Dahi Vada or Dahi Bhallais one of the most popular Indian street foods. Dahi Vada-Dahi Bhalla Masala is a magical spice mix made out of a blend of various fragrant spices, which are roasted and then ground to be readily added to your Dahi Vada. This uniquely prepared spice blend brings out the true authentic taste of Dahi Vada. It makes it tangy, spicey, and lip-smackingly delicious. The Dahi Vada Masala brings the true taste of the streets at the ease of home. The purity of Pansari Dahi Vada-Dahi Bhalla Masala is 100% guaranteed.
  3. The Pansari Jaljeera Pachak Powderis a fun mouth freshener and releases your craving for a tingling tangy taste. It acts as an appetizer and strengthens your digestive process. This pachak helps in treating constipation  Jaljeera Pachak Powder has no side effects as it contains natural products and can be consumed by everyone. Putting Jaljeera powder in your food makes it tangy and tasty. The Pansari Jaljeera Pachak Powder can also be made into your favourite Jaljeera drink.
  4. Pansari Kitchen King Masalais a great combination of everyday spices blended with love and care to enhance your dishes. The Kitchen King Masala is quintessential in the kitchen and its rich yet mild flavor adds a unique aroma to the dish. This King Masala blend brings out the colour in any of your vegetable, paneer, or meat dish. This Kitchen king masala is traditionally handcrafted to bring to you the taste of home. It is  100% pure and organic which will help you in cooking adulterant-free dishes.
  5. Shukto is one of Bengal’s most traditional and authentic dishes. The Shukto Masalain many households is a family-owned well kept secret. Pansari Shukto Masala gives you the authentic perfect blend that uses original and natural ingredients to help relish this delicious dish.This Shukto Masala brings out the true and authentic taste, flavour, aroma and colour of the Bengali quintessential, The intricate blend of the particular ingredients brings that typical Bengali taste and the required light touch. The Shukto Masala represents the authentic delicacy of the dish to its fullest without the hassle of making the masala from scratch. It is affordable and hygienically packed without any adulterants or added colorings.Get the taste of home with Pansari Shukto Masala.


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