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Pachak is a specially formulated ayurvedic formula used for digestion which is created using 7 of the choicest herbs. The ingredients in this digestive medicine stimulate your digestive fire, helping in better absorption of digestive enzymes. We know the value of your health, therefore it is our constant endeavor to provide you best products only. Another true example of our efforts is Amla Pachak. We have blended amla with effective spices and herbs. As a result, you’ll get an outstanding product filled with various health benefits. Amla is the most potent natural source of vitamin C and vitamin B complex this paltry fruit is equivalent to two oranges in terms of Vitamin C.  Now Buy Pachak Online from Pansari Group’s online spices store in India.

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It has strong antioxidant properties and helps the body digest food better. Amla fortis the liver strengthens the lungs, nourishes your brain, improves the urinary system. Pansari Pachak also has minerals such as carotene, phosphorus, calcium, and iron in abundance. It is a sour & spicy fun-filled treat after a heavy meal. It works by stimulating the digestive juices and thus in turn helping in the digestive process. Buy pachak online from the online pachak store of Pansari Masala with the trust of Pansari Masala(since 1990)

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Pansari Pachak helps in improving digestion and deworming the digestive system. It also helps in the absorption of nutrients and provides relief from acidity. Pachak contains organic natural herbal ingredients for overall best digestion. Pansari Pachak is available in many flavours infused with the love of taste on the Pansari online pachak store! It is highly useful in gastric troubles, indigestion & all stomach troubles. It is prepared, processed, and hygienically packed. It also has a nice tangy taste. It prevents acidity & fights constipation, smoking/tobacco habits, anemia, and fights deficiency of Vitamin C. Thus you can get the best of all grounds compiled together with the Pansari Pachak. It is ideal for those dealing with indigestion, loss of appetite, bloating, acidity, or other digestive disorders. This is the best you can get in the market as it offers the quickest relief. We are selling MANGO MAGIC, HING MAGIC, ANARDANA MAGIC, MADHU AMLA, JAL JEERA, AJWAIN PACHAK, AMLA PACHAK