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8 Quintessential Whole Spices to Add to Your Cooking for Improved Health

Love to add spices to your dishes to produce that distinct taste and aroma? Well, we’ve got good news for you. Apart from garnishing your cooked meals with a lip-smacking flavour, certain whole spices have immense nutritional value which makes them a go-to choice for including in your cuisine. Visit the extensive whole spices section of Pansari, a recognized Indian brand that specializes in providing high-quality blended, whole and powder spices to buy pansari eliachi big online, jeera, javitri and other essential whole spices to enhance your culinary items.


  • Ajwain – Ajwain or carom seeds that are mostly used in curries and as tadka in dal and pakodas have incredible medicinal purpose. A pinch of ajwain in your curries, dal, meat or rice dishes can improve digestion, cure stomach ache and alleviate tooth pain. These seeds are rich in calcium and protein too.
  • Kali mirch gota – Kali mirch gota or black pepper not only enhances the flavour of a recipe but also offers tremendous therapeutic benefits. A bit of kali mirch gota or the king of spices can promote weight loss, combat cough and cold, boost metabolism, accelerate digestion and treat skin problems.
  • Jeera – Jeera or cumin is that basic spice for any Indian dish that has the potential to help in digestion, improve immunity and treat a variety of health conditions, including skin disorders, insomnia, asthma, respiratory ailments, anaemia, etc.
  • Kala jeera – Black cumin seeds are rich in antioxidants, good acids and vitamin B that make them an excellent ingredient to balance your immunity system. Adding these to your boiled or stir-fried vegetable dishes will not only garner taste but also act as a natural remedy for autoimmune disorders.
  • Lavang – Lavang or cloves are full of antibacterial and antifungal properties along with omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fibers, vitamins and minerals. Adding cloves to your marinade or meat dish will not only produce a tingling taste and smell but also make it a healthy meal.
  • Elaichi – Elaichi which is what cardamom is popularly referred to as is a powerhouse of Vitamin A and Vitamin C along with iron and zinc. This fragrant spice when added to your cuisine will improve heart health, aid in digestion, enhance oral health, prevent blood clots as well as fight depression, diabetes, asthma and skin disorders to ensure your wellbeing.
  • Sarso – Spicy-flavoured mustard seeds are a storehouse of nutritive properties that make them an integral part of your diet. This traditional Indian spice protects your kidneys, prevents cancer, lowers bad cholesterol levels, nourishes skin, restricts ageing, reduces pain, improves circulation and offers many amazing curative benefits.
  • Jaifal – Jaifal or nutmeg is that classic Indian spice that had its name for healing health conditions in old times. You can use jaifal in sweet and savoury dishes to improve bad breath, detox liver, enhance sleep quality, improve your skin’s texture and get other beneficial results.


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