Varieties and Types of Red Chilies Graded

The red colour comes from the kick of the pungent taste of the red chilli spice. Red chilli powder undeniably is the most sought after spice worldwide. India being the biggest wide variety producer of the heart heating varieties of the spice. Chilli is a spice that every Indian household uses in their daily meals. 

Especially now when it is easier to source various kinds of red chilli powder online easily. Here are the most famous types and uses of the red hot chilli:

Ghost Pepper

Claimed to be the hottest, spiciest, and fiercest chilli on the planet. This deep red coloured sensational chilli from northeastern India can make a person teary-eyed with a tiny touch on the tongue. The proclaimed hottest chilli is used as dried powders or in pickles. Search for the best red chilli powder in India, and you are going to get Ghost pepper commonly known as Bhoot Jolokia, on the list for sure.

Kashmiri Chilli

Kashmiri red chillies are one of the most exported red chillies in India. The roasted flavour of the red chilli gives an even better mild-heated taste with beautiful red colour to the food preparation. Easily source the Kashmiri red chilli powder online to boost immunity rich in Vitamin A and C. Kashmiri chilli is used in everyday meals and speciality dishes because of the mild taste and beautiful colour. 

Guntur Chilli

Guntur chilli is also known as Sannam chilli and is a powerhouse of antioxidants and energy boost. Guntur chilli is also on the more spicy side with a deep dark red colour hue. Exported to almost every part of the world, Guntur chilli powder is famous as the best red chilli powder in India. Originating in Andhra Pradesh and famous for its remarkable use in Andhra cuisine, Guntur chilli is best used in Indian curry preparations.

Bird-Eye Chilli

Bird-eye chilli is another popular variety of northeastern chillies, famous worldwide for its tiny size and a big burst of flavour. Also known as the Peri-peri, Dhani, Thai chilli, and various other names, bird-eye chillies are way hotter than famous jalapeno chilli. Bird eye chilli powders are best used in pickles and as seasoning condiments. Bird-eye chilli is known to control cholesterol and sugar levels. 

Byadagi Daggi Chilli

Another gem of chilli is Byadagi, with its thick skin, deep red colour, heat, and aroma when used in dishes, the recipes are on point. Best used in spice blends or as a condiment, Byadagi is famous in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, and Kerala cuisines. One of the staple spices in Indian households is this moderately mild red chilli known for its not so spicy taste with oodles of depth.


Red chilli powders are available throughout India with a wide variety of shapes, sizes and tastes. Indian cuisine changes every mile, and so does the use of heat and colour in the food. The tiny red condiment is a world in itself with a never-ending experience of heat and health benefits. At, you will find a vast range of red chilli powder online, famous for its different spicy flavours and colours.

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