How To Have Jeera Water (Cumin Water) To Lose Weight

Cumin or jeera is derived from a traditional herb that has therapeutic benefits. In Indian families, you will notice the usage of jeera in almost all kinds of recipes. The main reason for adding cumin as tadka or just as a spice in dal or other sabzis is its flavour. 

The best cumin seed, if grinded well, can bring out a unique taste in your recipe. Apart from adding flavour to the recipes, Jeera water is advantageous for smooth digestion.

Recipe To Make Jeera Water   


To make a simple jeera water recipe, you need the following ingredients;

  • Two teaspoons of jeera or best cumin seed
  • Two cups of water in a bowl or pan.


You can start by heating the water in the saucepan on medium flame. Once the water is in a lukewarm state, you can add the jeera or cumin to it. The water infusion with the cumin should be properly done. After 1-2 minutes, you can turn off the switch and strain the jeera water. Serve it in a big glass and sip carefully as the water is warm. 

In case you want to lose weight or treat acid reflux, then drink this magical water every morning on an empty stomach. If you want to add more flavours, you can simply add other ingredients like ginger, cinnamon, or even a spoonful of honey in the jeera water.

Benefits Of Jeera Water

The health benefits of jeera water are incredible in the human body. A rich source of iron and potassium is present in jeera or cumin. Let’s see the other advantages of jeera water;

-Eases Digestion

To solve bowel irritation, burps, and belching, etc., jeera water is helpful. For any stomach problems, you can use the jeera water as a quick fix. Many times, during pregnancy women suffer from gastroesophageal disease or GERD. When the pressure of acid or gas increases, it pushes the baby, which is dangerous. Therefore, consuming cumin water can provide you a great relief.


For excellent liver functioning, you need the thymoquinone present in the jeera. The best cumin seed has amazing healing properties too.

-Anti- Cancer

Jeera can prevent the human body from cancerous cell development. On the other hand, you can consume jeera water as a body detoxifying agent, removing all the harmful toxins wonderfully.

-Reduction Of Weight & Obesity

Obesity is a serious issue that the whole world is facing. However, the jeera can work effectively on the visceral fat and high BMI level. Moreover, cumin can reduce the high resistance to insulin. For weight loss, you can mix jeera water with apple cider vinegar. During pregnancy, women feel bloated and constipated. Jeera water works brilliantly in those scenarios too.

-Acts as a Hydrator

After working for hours in summer or simply post-workout, you can sip cold jeera water to stay hydrated. For extra flavour and kick to boost your energy, you can add one teaspoon of lemon and a pinch of salt with it. Cumin water can keep your body and skin hydrated for a long time.


Jeera or cumin water is a safe and healthy detoxifying drink that you can consume every day. Bring home the best cumin seeds and grind them to get a marvellous flavour. If you consume the cumin water consistently, you will notice several health benefits gradually in your body. Order the best quality cumin seeds online, visit




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