Essential Indian Spices – A complete guide

What gives food that delectable taste, something you can never resist? If love is what makes the soul of the food, what gives it life? Spices! A sprinkle of spices can make your food zesty and tasty. 

The wonderful thing about spices is that even if you reduce the number of spices in your food by one gram, you have a whole new recipe altogether. If you are a foodie who loves to cook, then we have gathered the ten must-have spice powders that you should always have in your kitchen. 

Indian powder spice manufacturers have developed some fantastic spices for you, that you should definitely try. 

The 10 Must-Have Spices 


The deep golden-coloured healing spice finds its place in every Indian kitchen. Its medicinal qualities are world-known. From curries, pickles, to drinks, the love for turmeric is omnipresent. You can also find this Indian spice powder online

Red Chilli Powder

Indian food is usually famous for being hot and spicy. And to live up to its reputation, red chilli powder houses in every spice box. Red chilli powder is of various types, and you can have them all or one because this spice leaves a mark on your taste buds. 

Coriander Powder 

This earthy spice adds texture to the dish, and you can experience it with each bite. Many powder spice online companies sell this spice which is the must-have spice for delicacies like sambhar, vindaloo, rasam, or Malabar curry. 

Garam Masala

Garam Masala is the quintessential Indian spice to add flavours to the dish. Various spices are roasted and grounded to make a near-fine mix. Garam masala is usually paired with red chilli to infuse an aromatic flavour to the food.

Dry Mango Powder 

You can easily find this Indian spice powder online. Dry mango powder or amchur is a sour spice usually used for seasoning Indian dishes. It brings tanginess to the curry. 

Asafoetida Powder 

A pinch of it and the aroma of the food will be exceptional. It is a flavouring agent that is used in dals, curries, and pickles. Its pungent yet unique taste gives an earthy flavour to the dals or lentils. 

Dalchini Powder

Its unique aroma flavours up the food and even adds an intensity to the hot chocolates, infusions, and tea. Many powder spice online companies sell this powder that you can easily buy. 

Black Pepper Powder 

The famous south Indian spice is grounded and powdered to give intense heat and aroma. Some foods use peppercorns and while other dishes require the powdered form. 

Cumin (Jeera) Powder

The nutty and warm flavour to the Indian dishes is the contribution of cumin powder. Every Indian kitchen is blessed with this spice. It adds a peculiar tone to the curries, dal, soups, curd, and buttermilk. 

Fenugreek Powder

Fenugreek seeds are used for tempering or tadka on the curries. When the seeds are roasted and powdered, they are used to combine red chillies, coriander, and cumin powder to give a toned-down flavour to your fish curry.


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