Indian scientists reveal foods that could beat arthritis

Indian kitchens stay flooded with a variety of spices and unusual herbs to cook our daily food. Indian spices are world-famous for the distinct aroma and their infinite health benefits. The minute you search for cooking spices, you will find the best Indian masala online products. The best part is that these spices can also bring added health benefits in the long run.

Indian culinary spices are known to be high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits and properties. Many of the Indian kitchen spices are readily available on the online market. These spices have significant health benefits, not only added aroma and flavours.

Arthritis is one ailment that messes up with joints and causes inflammation. So next time you go shopping for the best Indian masala online, look for the following anti-inflammatory spices to help you get some relief.


The most common spice in Indian households has to be turmeric or Haldi. The yellow spice is a popular go-to spice for many health benefits and ailments. The magical gold spice is abundant in anti-inflammatory properties. Make sure to take note and search turmeric in your next spice haul for the best Indian masala online order.


The zingy bitter taste of ginger is not limited to the famous ginger-pie or ginger ale. The astonishing spice is a popular Ayurvedic herb that is healing many health conditions for centuries. People commonly consume a ginger concoction for treating nausea or morning sickness. The healing properties of ginger prove to be effective in managing the pain and inflammation that arthritis causes.  

Black Pepper

The sharp taste of black pepper is a staple spice for Indian households. More so because of the active ingredient in pepper, piperine packing a punch to add sharp food notes. You would most commonly see some salt and pepper shakers on every dining table. 

The anti-inflammatory spice, along with antioxidant properties, is very effective in managing the initial inflammatory conditions of arthritis. You will surely come across the king of spice when searching for the best Indian masala online products on online platforms.


Again a common yet powerhouse spice in Indian households is undoubtedly coriander. Coriander seeds can help to relieve the pain and inflammation that arthritis can bring to your body. The spice is so good that it can help improve the swelling in joints by stopping related biochemical release in the body. Undoubtedly one of the most spice in best Indian masala online order next time


Another staple around the Indian kitchen is going to be the cumin. The active healing compounds in the cumin seeds are high in antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Adding the cumin spice to your daily diet can do wonders in reducing the pain and inflammation in your body.


Make sure to try out these spices and their essential oils to help you get some effective relief from arthritis, inflammation, and pain. For centuries that natural ingredients and herbs are helping in our common health issues. Wait no more and grab some best Indian masala online products on for helping with arthritis pain and inflammation.  

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